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Host Your Own Fast-Forward Experience

Our cast of Millennials and Baby Boomers took an immersive journey to the future in a sort of “aging bootcamp.” So, we created the FAST-FORWARD Experience to:

  • PROVOKE profound conversations about the future
  • REDUCE fears around the reality of getting older
  • PROVIDE humor as we look at our future selves

Your FAST-FORWARD Experience starts with a screening of our award-winning 60-minute film followed by a post-screening evaluation, the ability to conduct a group discussion afterwards and enjoy our extensive online opportunities.

Bringing FAST FORWARD to your community, school, agency or network is FUN, EASY and FREE. Our team will assist you at all stages– from planning to the day of the event. Topics from the film to explore include:

  • Planning for the future is life-reimagined!
  • What does interdependence look like in the modern family?
  • How do we talk about getting older when we still feel young?
  • Creating action steps for future health, legal and lifestyle

Other FAST-FORWARD Experience opportunities include:

  • Live online panels after your screening
  • Live polls during the panels
  • Sign up for SMS or email ‘nudges’ allowing audience members to set tasks and get polite nudges along the way

Sending us a request for a screening: