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Welcome to the Fast-Forward Social Impact Program on Aging!

Bring Fast-Forward to your business or community as a free Employee Engagement or Social ImpactProgram on Aging. Our Impact Outreach team will support your efforts with coordination of:

  • Free Web Based, Private Screenings
  • Discussion Topics, Surveys & Polls
  • Virtual Panel Discussions & Events
  • Access to Digital Assets & Materials

Fast-Forward, which recently debuted nationally on PBS shows families how to take a proactive look at aging. In the film, which the New York Times featured the debut as “What to Watch,” four millennials and their parents travel through time wearing an MIT-produced “aging suit” and working with professional make-up artists to navigate the realizations, conversations and mindset required to age successfully.

COVID-19 has added tremendous strain on families today already challenged with caregiving and intergenerational living. We’re making an impact by putting aging on the agenda of families! Help us bring this impact to your business or community today!

Would you like to share Fast-Forward with your community and/or business? Visit the links below for helpful tools…

Major funding for the film and impact program was provided by The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. In a continued commitment to their support, we are providing different ways for families to “put aging on the agenda.”

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