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In the film, Fast-Forward, 4 Millennials & their Baby Boomer parents go through an “aging bootcamp” to see their futures and attempt to answer the question, “If you knew now, what you’ll know then, would you change anything?

We invite you to experience Fast-Forward!

Learn about music, memory and the human brain. Time to take a trip down memory lane. Can you remember the hits from when you were a high school senior?

No, not THAT conversation. The conversations about your future as a family – aging together – identifying support systems and understanding each other’s wishes.

Less than 25% of adults have completed a living will. Advanced directives, like living wills, help families navigate the aging process with their loved ones.

Studies prove that certain types of diets correlate to healthier and happier aging. It’s never too late or too difficult to start cooking nutritious recipes for your future.

Did you know older people are statistically happier? According to experts, a person is their happiest self between the ages of 67-70. Find out what kind of “ager” you will be…besides happy!

Our cast went through an “aging bootcamp” from advanced make-up to chats with experts on successful aging. Now, you can do the same. Your future self will thank you!