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/ Dr. Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH

Dr. Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH

Dr. Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH

Dr. Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPH is the Minaker Chair in Geriatrics and Director of Research for the Division of Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine at the Mongan Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital.

She is also working to establish the Center for Aging and Serious Illness Research within the Mongan Institute to bring together researchers focused on improving the well-being of older adults and enhancing the lived experience of those with advanced illnesses.

She was formerly the Harris Fishbon Distinguished Professor in Clinical Translational Research and Aging in the Division of Geriatrics, Department of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco.

She is a board-certified palliative care and geriatric physician, and conducts research focused on optimizing quality of life for those with chronic serious illnesses and multimorbidity. She co-leads the NINR-funded Palliative Care Research Cooperative and the national Home-based Primary Care and Palliative Care Consortium, which seeks to improve our understanding and care of the homebound population. 

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