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We caught up with Thomas Steinborn and David Wong, co- founders of FRIEDA, who gave us this overview…

At FRIEDA, we believe that all lives are richer if we connect with people of other generations and other social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

So we’ve created a space where people of all ages and backgrounds can meet, eat, drink, share, learn, and create.

A serene setting where everyone is treated equally: with respect and kindness.

Stop by for coffee and fresh-baked pastries, like our signature almond cake. Come for breakfast or lunch made from sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. And indulge in cookies and preserves thoughtfully prepared by David, our Parisian-trained chef, and a multi-generational team from neighborhoods across the city.

Join a drawing class, social media workshop, language class, film screening, bridge club – or even start an activity of your own.

And while you’re here, know that any money you spend at FRIEDA helps us create fair-wage jobs for people of all generations – many of them retired, but still needing to work to make ends meet – as well as support our Outreach Community Program.

All we ask is that you have an open mind. And treat the space, our team and each other with respect.

Discover what FRIEDA can be for you.

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